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Ekris has worked in the auto parts wholesale market since 1991. A huge experience of working with clients, suppliers and ultimate consumers has been gained over this period of time. Now we clearly see our customers’ wishes and needs. Continuous marketing researches allow us to monitor and competently react to all the tendencies and changes. That is why Ekris is a company which is always one step ahead of its competitors and which provides its customers comprehensive shipment at the best prices.

Ekris is a manufacturer of spare parts for Russian passenger cars with its own trade-name:

  1. high-quality car body components;
  2. certified mufflers which have an international bar-code.

Ekris is also one of the largest suppliers of the products of the leading manufacturers.

Our main goal is to fill your order. We have maximum opportunities and possibilities to do that. A wide range of more than 8000 components for VAZ LADA, GAZ, OKA and other cars are always available. We also have more than 3000 car body parts, more than 500 items of exhaust systems, engine components, suspensions, transmissions and other parts.

Using cutting-edge technology in manufacturing and effective techniques in conducting business we do our best to meet requirements of our each client to the maximum!!!


  1. The broadest assortment of spare parts;
  2. Our own production;
  3. Continuous flow of deliveries;
  4. Comprehensive shipment of spare parts;
  5. Delivery of the merchandise by freight transport of the company and through shipping companies into the regions;
  6. Shipment by railway containers (3-20 tons) and cars without presence of the client;
  7. Export on beneficial terms for you;
  8. Individual approach to each client;
  9. High-quality service and well-skilled personnel;
  10. Long-run partnership.


  1. We deliver certified high-quality mufflers with the brand-name Ekris within a short space of time;
  2. Despite substantial changes in the wholesale auto parts market over the last few years we  keep building stable mutually beneficial relationships with our clients; the prices on Ekris products practically have not changed;
  3. We implement new manufacturing systems and technologies for the constant improvement of the quality of manufactured goods;
  4. Our range of mechanics and car body parts is extending and is always available on the company’s stock.


  1. Creating a muffler with guarantee period of 3 years which will comply with the level of the leading world analogs;
  2. Constant broadening of the assortment and manufacturing of new car body parts with their own brand-name;
  3. Passing the quality certification – from ISO 9001 to ISO TS 16949;
  4. Having a larger number of clients across Russia and abroad, continuous improvement of mutually beneficial relationships with our partners.


We provide each wholesaler with a wide range of spare parts for passenger cars manufactured in Russia at the best price.


Ekris is one of the largest and most reliable customers of the main factories manufacturing spare parts for VAZ cars in CIS. We can present the products of such manufacturers as AvtoVAZ, VAZInterService, VIS-Snab, VAZL, DAAZ, DAK, IZhAvto, KamPRZ, KATEK, Novavtoprom, industrial association NACHALO, SAIS, SNAKE, CHKPZ, Fenox and many other Russian and foreign enterprises. Our buyers are both large wholesale firms on a Federal scale and maintenance shops. They all are situated in more than 70 regions of Russia: from Pskov to Magadan, from Murmansk to Makhachkala, 12 foreign countries and former Soviet republics.

We would like to thank all our partners and friends for cooperation. We highly appreciate the trust our customers lay on us and truly hope to consolidate our partnership. And we are always open for new contacts.