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Technological characteristics of the EKRIS products (car body components):

  • Components blanking and pressing are carried out on punches and rigs conformable to the technical specifications, which makes all the reference holes and fastenings fit for a perfect adjustment to a car;
  • The metal used for manufacturing of each article meets the technological requirements to a car;
  • All the products are assembled on the benches and jigs according to the technical specifications with complete retaining of geometric and dimensioning features. Engineering setup is carried out by highly-qualified specialists;
  • For components assembly we use parts which meet the requirements of the manufacturing processes;
  • The coloration of the products consists of several stages and is carried out on special lines observing all the needed standarts which provides high-quality brown coating of the components and protects them from environmental exposure;
  • All components pass inspection in the quality control department during all the manufacturing stages and also after its completion;
  • Each article includes an original label.

Technological characteristics of the EKRIS products (exhaust system components):

  • Higher noise absorption attained by using a special internal unit design;
  • Guarantee period of 1 year for series Standart, extended guarantee period of 2 years for series Euro and Enhanced;
  • Compliance of the muffler body sizes and the pipe bends with the original muffler made by AvtoVAZAgregat being the reference pattern of geometry  ;
  • A wide variety of exhaust systems  - from receiver pipes to the main muffler, from LADA 2101 to LADA NIVA;
  • Application of cold rolled steel instead of aluminized steel allows decreasing of the muffler cost by 3-4 times  in comparison to the AvtoVAZ  original;
  • All our  products  have  been  tested  in  the  laboratory  of  the Scientific and Technological Center in Scientific Manufacturing Enterprise TEST attached to the public corporation AvtoVAZ (in Togliatti), they have a certificate of conformity GOST P49.51-2001 (a state standart), an international bar-code and an original label.


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